Existing resourcing aims at:

  • Attracting high level researchers
  • Creating new teams
  • Launching innovative and transversal research programs
  • Developing intellectual influence strategy.

In order to achieve those goals, the following actions are taken:

Setting up and supporting high level research teams.

- Creating junior teams

A junior team manager is welcomed on a 4 years long period.

The junior team incumbent receives an endowment to cover operating costs and the possibility to hire a technician, a post doctoral student and an international PhD student.

Creating post doctoral positions

Some of the units research programs are supported by 3 years long post doctoral positions.

Supporting innovative research programs

Those Fundings are dedicated to entirely new and innovative projects.

Those projects should notably include interdisciplinary approaches, linked to priority research fields, associating Finovi’s laboratories or teams, and external teams if further expertise is needed.

The Finovi foundation financial support is dedicated to incitate and develop new projects..

Supporting technological infrastructures

Mutual technological platforms could be supported. Allocations will be spent for the platform equipment.

Those services operating costs will be charged to the teams using the facilities.

Creation and participation to international scientific events

The FINOVI foundation will lead an international influence strategy by welcoming foreign lecturers and supporting or creating international scientific events.

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